Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lecture 3 - eMarketing Strategies

Topics that we covered such as

  • Product-based marketing strategies
  • Customer-based marketing strategies
  • Market segmentation
  • Customer behaviour
  • Acquisition, conversion and retention of customers
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

Lecture 2 - Revenue Models

Topics that we covered such as

  • Different types of revenue models
  • Changing revenue models to meet the needs of users
  • Revenue strategy issues
  • Mobile commerce

Lecture 1 - Introduction to eCommerce

In this chapter, we had covered few topics such as

  • Categories of eCommerce
  • Business models
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Identifying eCommerce opportunities
  • International issues

Monday, May 7, 2012

Local retail shop

Question 1:

Select a retail store with which you are familiar that has a Web site on which it sells products or services similar to those it sells in its physical retail stores.
Explore the Web site and examine it carefully for features that indicate the level of services it provides. Using your experience in the physical store and review of the Web site, write a 200 word evaluation of the company's touch point consistency.

QQeStore is one of the largest E-commerce retailer which offer updates mobile phones and also one of the reliable source for computer notebook. The customer also can choose buying directly to the store which is located in Kiulap, Gadong and Times square which is the latest outlet. A few great reason the website pointed why shop with them is exclusive deals and special online offers, state of the art customer service center and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company also verified and ensure customer that information will be protected while shopping on QQeStore. QQeStore deal directly with the suppliers and manufactures which customer can get the benefits on the pricing, IT and gadgets products pricing drops extremely fast different from other retailer shops. All the products a covered under general warranty which customer given upon purchase with a certain years depend on the item purchase.


QQeStore is one of the largest E-commerce retailer which offer latest mobile phones and reliable source for computer notebook. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company ensure that the information will be protected and deal directly with suppliers and also manufactures. All the products a covered under general warranty which customer given upon buying.

Copyright © 1998-2011 QQeStore.com

Question 2:

What were the main forces that led to the commercialization of the Internet? Summarize your answer in about 100 words.

The main reason led to the commercialization of the internet is since internet can be access anywhere, anytime and by anyone who has the access. It is the main key to communicate people around the world and one of the easy ways to meet new consumer/customer and also sell product around the world. The internet is useful to company or businessman that trying to start business as a retailer, supplier and etc. The key to success is updated frequently, easy to access the websites, prices are cheaper than others, trusted or safe guarded and more interesting product advertised to catch the eyes of the customer.


Internet can be access anywhere, anytime and anyone who has the access of the internet. Internet is the key to communicate people around the globe and it is the useful key to sell products and also meet new potential customer. 

Question 3: 

Describe two possible service-for-fee offerings that might become available to users of Internet-enabled wireless devices (such as iPad or mobile phones) in the near future. Write one paragraph for each service in which you outline the profit potential and risk of losses for each.

Telecommunication services were first introduced in Brunei in 1920s and is one of the leading provider if telecommunication and information products and services.The company itself offers Broadband for home, OMNI (E-speed + Zoom wireless), internet telephone and etc. The customer can pick or select any of the services offer by the company and get the benefits of using internet to browse. The advantage if this is customer can also check their bill either by via sms, via email or via website. It's easy rather than waiting to get the bill review every end of the month.

But the disadvantages of the service offer that sometimes the internet service is lagging and the time wait for the technician to fix the problem is taking sometimes.

                                          link : http://www.telbru.com.bn/
© Copyright 2011 

HSBC is one of the company that offer the easy to pay bills just by accessing the HSBC websites  and HSBC credit card. By this method, no more queues, always first in line, no hassles and also no need to search for a parking spot. Few services that been offer by HSBC is via internet, ATM or Cheque deposit machines. Customer also can trust internet banking services cause HSBC ensures double protection and double rewards.

But the disadvantages of this services is if the customer don't have the internet access at home,   salary not enough to apply for credit card and don't really know the actual amount deducted from the customer credit card. 

© Copyright.


An example of company uses service-for-fee is HSBC that offering customer with an easy way to pay bill like paying via internet, ATM or deposit machine. It is call internet banking that customer  will be always first in line, no hassles and no need to search for parking spot. But some of the disadvantages is if the customer don't have any access to internet and don't really know how to use the website.

Question 4:

In two paragraphs, explain why a customer-centric Web site design is so important, yet is so difficult to 

A customer centric web site design is so important because a well design web site can attract consumer/customer around the globe. By this web site must focus on customer wants and needs and put a trust on a new or existing customer. The web site designer must add on many interesting features such as newest product with a good deal of prices, descriptions of the product, updated frequently, convincing the customer with high security sites, loyalty and a unique experience.

However, it is difficult to accomplish is because the design of the site is not catching the eyes of the consumer/customer. The mistake of not knowing what product to sell and not even knowing well enough of the product being sell is one of the mistake made. Many of the web designer putting more focus on their own rather than the customer. The web site out dated and not convincing the consumer/customer that the web site is safe to buy.


Web design is very important to attract customer or consumer. Website must add interesting features and frequently updated. But the disadvantage is not knowing what to sell and focusing on their own will make the product less effective to be sold.

Question 5:

Promoting products on the Web is different from using mass media promotion or personal contact. Assume that you want to explain these differences to a person who is planning to open a Web site that will sell fishing-rod. Write one paragraph about each approach (mass media, personal contact, the Web). In each paragraph, explain the advantages and disadvantages of the approach for the fishing rod Web business.

Promoting products on the web is different from using mass media or personal contact is:


Promoting products using mass media is also one of the important resources to achieve viewing from the consumer or customer. Using television commercial that will pop up every few minutes and promoting fishing rod on it will also catch the eyes of the customer who also love fishing. Not also television, putting more advertising on newspaper, magazine and brochures regarding fishing rod and convincing fisherman, potential customer or even consumer that the pricing of the product  are cheaper from else where. By this, the business  will have the opportunity to achieved a loyal customer and etc.

However, the disadvantages of promoting using mass media is it might that the advertising showing at the wrong time which where consumer or potential customer are still at work or out shopping. While for advertising using newspaper, magazine or brochures the disadvantages is since electronic news are available the potential customer of buying newspaper and magazine are less than usual. The benefits will be less effective. And also, using brochures is the attraction design and colors might have an effect to catch the eye of the customer. It also cost much to advertising.


Personal contact is a process of communicating with potential customer or consumer face to face the purpose of selling products and service offer by the seller. It is different from others either by using advertising or web site to promote. This method of business is base on promoting face to face with the customer and convincing the customer/consumer about the product that been sell. Since its about selling fish rod, the sales much show why their fishing rod are better than other shop and the advantages of it. The customer also has the benefit of seeing the product and how the product works. By doing face to face promoting also customer easily can trust and becoming a loyal customer.

In the other hand the disadvantages of promoting face to face is cannot reach as much potential customer as promoting using web site or advertising on television. The sales people also must know about the produce being sell and the feed back from the user of the product. So, it might help to convince the potential customer of buying the products.


Since electronic gadgets are important in this era. So the changes of promoting fishing rod business using the internet or the electronic advertising is potentially high comparing the two services about. The businessman or company must promote the best fishing rod with a high quality material and best pricing given than other fishing rod shops. The website also much be attractive with a lot of fishing rod display and maybe available for customer who wants to custom make their own fishing rod. This might help stand up the business since it is different from the other. Make a website base on many different type of fishing rod catalog for a different people with a different taste.

Still the disadvantages of promoting fishing rod using website is the customer don't trust the websites maybe because of the not updated frequently, not organised, not many choices of fishing rod and out dated. The websites also not insuring the customer about safeguard when buying.


They're 3 different ways to sell product such as mass media, personal contact and website promoting. Mass media is either using television, newspaper and etc. It is very effective since people are still watching news on the television but still the disadvantages is the advertising showing at the wrong time. While the benefit of personal contact is that customer/consumer has the opportunity to try the product and how it work. However the disadvantages of personal contact is cannot reach as much customer as other advertising. Mean while for website promoting it has the highest opportunity to reach customer world wide and can easily access by consumer or customer. The disadvantages is not updating frequently and organised may cause losing potential customer.

Friday, May 4, 2012

A little quote won't hurt

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me."  ~Erma Bombeck

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


In this task, I need to do a research regarding online furniture which providing shipping, different kind of material used in every furniture and colors. All the information is to briefly used to carry out survey and what the website offer.


The website I pick and do a research on is selling all kind of office furniture accessories. The website organized into categories such as executive office furniture, office workstations, office chairs and etc. The strategy of the company is giving the customers quality office furniture at everyday low prices.

The company also has emerged as one of the largest wholesale distributors of mid-market office furniture and located in a lot of region worldwide. It also guarantee of everyday low prices and on-time delivery, to ready supply of spare parts and unforeseen repairs/replacements to ensure customer satisfaction.

The website itself also provides downloadable form which company can fill in and get to download different kind of catalog of wide range of furniture.


In this task, I managed to do a research on several online office furniture sellers, which I also managed to briefly explain a few on its website contains. From this task I managed to learn more on how online business works and conducted.